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Marji and I had to stop by Atlantic Station to check out the new Eclectic Gal pop-up shop, and we were not disappointed.  To be honest, I only really go to Atlantic Station for the occasional movie, a look through the new collections at H&M and once for the Food Truck Friday.  But I really see Atlantic Station coxing locally based shops to their community, and I think it is deffintely a breath of fresh air. 

The Eclectic Gal space is so fresh and open, with a large room filled with vintage goodies and bright fabrics, as well as their amazing eye for jewelry.  I love clothing, leg-wear and shoes, but jewelry is not my strong suit…I LOVE it but find that looking for and trying to style it is hard for me, so thank god Eclectic Gal is because I need all the help I can get!  Christine and Shahnaz always are so friendly and make me fell so at home in their special, glam vintage world. 

xo, ponyup


I apologize for such a long duration with no posts! I was traveling the many wonders of the West Coast and found so much inspiration while journeying through Portland, Northern California and San Francisco. 

PonyUp will be back at the Holiday Indie Craft Experience (also known as ICE) THIS MONTH (ahh…November, can you believe it?!) selling a huge assortment of unique, quality vintage clothing.  We put so much love and thought into each piece we choose for ICE and Marji and I are so excited to be back at ICE once again! We will have fitting rooms and a huge selection for men and women. 


November 19 + 20 at the beautiful loft space Ambient Studios

If you haven’t checked out ICE before, this year is their 13th event! It is a huge 2 day handmade sale from talented artists all over the USA.  Prints, stationary, clothing, accessories, pottery, food, skincare, and so much more. 

I just heard some great news…our friend’s at Eclectic Gal Boutique just opened up a second beautiful store in the heart of Atlantic Station! We are so excited and proud of them and love to see the growth of vintage clothing in the South East.  Please visit and support {next to Z-galleria behind cafe nineteen from 10am to 10pm}.  And of course, a trip to their amazing flag ship store in located in the East Atlanta Village will never disappoint.


Model turned Vintage Fashionista?  Amazing collection of designer vintage?  Can’t wait to see the fierce line Beth Ann brings to VAMP…

…to VAMP!

Beth Ann, the boutique carries her signature line of cosmetics, accessories, handbags and vintage pieces.

Beth Ann began her career as a model in the 70’s and worked with many high fashion designers.

From the start of her career, she began collecting; 40 years later, she has an unbelievable archive of vintage clothing, jewelry and home pieces.

Some of the designers in her collection are
  • Thierry Mugler
  • Bill Blass
  • Chanel
  • YSL
  • Valentino
  • Coro Jewelry
  • Erte Jewelry
  • Hattie Carnegie

She has an amazing eye for vintage and has edited her collection with impeccible taste.  We are so glad to host Beth Ann and her superior range of vintage clothing and accessories.




Listen Up! Win free admission to VAMP, and either:

  • For you locals, you can win free admission, $25 credit to the Bunny Day booth, and a cute BUNNY DAY pencil.
  • For those of you who live outside of Atlanta, your prize will be a $25 credit to the Bunny Day Etsy shop (which can be used after the event), and a BUNNY DAY pencils in the mail.

To enter, just fill out the form here! Entries will be accepted until TONIGHT Friday, August 26th, at 5PM EST. The winner will be emailed that evening!


A true southern lady is a sort of Renaissance Woman…and I would definitely call Georgia’s very own Chic Peach such a lady.  Reworking vintage jewelry, writing a killer, interesting blog, reworking and dying slips to the exact tints and shades… I need to take some lessons from this talented chica. 

PonyUp: What is vintage to you?

Chich Peach: Coup de coeur.  It’s everything.  Timeless.  A sense of style that endures. Fashion.  It makes my heart sing.  The thrill of the hunt.  Opening a handbag whose interior hasn’t seen the light of day for forty years.  It’s holding a vintage suit, appreciating a beautiful detail and the certainty that today’s clothing is no longer made this way.  The insistent sparkle of a rhinestone in a tarnished and worn setting.  Knowing that someday, the things I treasure will hopefully be appreciated by generations to come. 

{one of her AMAZING vintage slips…I want I want! And how major did this little lady style it?}

PonyUp: What can people expect from The Chic Peach?

Chich Peach: My work is comprised of revamped vintage and antique jewelry, accessories and altered vintage clothing.  My slips are restored and go through a multi-step process.  The end result is colorful, unique and unexpected.   I like to combine elements in an unconventional way which manifests as wearable art.  These creations have been described as “green” and “eco-chic”.  

PonyUp: When someone wears one of your pieces, what do you want them to feel?

Chich Peach: To provide an evolving backdrop that complements my mantra of revamped vintage.   To re-create that sense of wonder when I first held a handful of vintage rhinestone brooches in my hands when I was five. 

{LOVE this cameo, breathtaking}

Be sure to visit The Chic Peach online, and of course….snag a beautiful reworked vintage slip TOMORROW at VAMP!



so…a few months ago…the email went like this..

Dear Recollection Vintage,

Your style is so unique and high-fashion.  Please come sell at VAMP because we love you.  We will have food and music too.



Then the reply went like this…

Dear PonyUp,



Recollection Vintage

And we almost died….so excited to host Rosa and her fab-u vintage clothing.

PonyUp: Where does your passion for vintage come from?

Recollection: I’ve been collecting and wearing vintage for more than 20 years.  I grew up with it and it has created my design aesthetic in my home and my every day life.    I have a large collection that ranges from Designer Labels to 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and I love anything over the top.  

PonyUp: We LOVE over the top too! How do you wear vintage?

Recollection: My design aesthetic is to take Vintage and wear it in a way that reflects current fashion as well as personality.  I live for the times a client buys something from me & makes it their own- I have a hard time parting with certain pieces because I really care about how things are worn.  That is a product of being a Stylist for Editorial fashion for many years.  To put it simply, I love to dress gals up and I love Vintage!!!  

PonyUp: How do you see your booth coming together for VAMP?

Recollection: As far as a vision for my booth, I have a background in retail merchandising for stores like J.Crew, Armani, Bill Hallman & Wish doing Windows & Merchandising for over 13 years, and there’s nothing I hate more than ugly presentation!  My collection contains a crazy assortment of colors and patterns so I like to keep my displays minimal & clean.  Again Modern meets Vintage…& definitely NO WIRE HANGERS!!  

PonyUp: Outside of doing events like VAMP, where can people buy your awesome clothes?

Recollection: I have a booth at Highland Row Antiques.  It’s in the basement…when you go down the stairs it’s in the room to the left, middle booth on the back wall.  Come check it out!  I also had a great write-up in Daily Candy.

PonyUp: Thanks Rosa and Recollection Vintage!


DJ Zano has been experimenting with music and sounds since he can remember.  A major player on the ATL music scene as a DJ and part of experimental hip-hop duo Social Studies, Zano is talented behind the mic or a set of turntables.  He is VAMP’s official music mascot and DJ!

PonyUp: What draws you to creating and playing music?

DJ Zano: Music means a lot to me. It’s my drug of choice. I love experiencing the different emotions and energy that music can bring, in both instrumental, and music with words.

PonyUp: What kind of atmosphere do you want to create for VAMP this Saturday?

DJ Zano: On Saturday I will be playing “Runway Sounds”. Music that will make you want to model, or go out on the town at nite. Runway Sounds from all different eras.

PonyUp: That sounds awesome! I always love a good sound track to dress-up to.  As far as dressing up/fashion and music, what correlation, if any, do you see?

DJ Zano: I think there is definitely a connection between fashion and music. They are both intuitive forms of self-expression. In many cases, people will display allegiance to a particular musical sub-culture by dressing a certain way. Clothes and music can also easily express someone’s mood.


There are SO many things from this store {my closet and} I want…

When I look at The Urban Thrift, it reminds me of all these looks I want to pull off…

I think chic Parisian girl running to work on cobbled streets, NYC girl hopping off the L Train, Bohemian California laid-back beauty on her way to a beach soirée

Urban Thrift (Becky) grew up in South Georgia and her fondest childhood memories were posing in my grandmothers beautiful vintage pieces, all of her pieces even down to her gaudy costume jewelry.  Becky loved everything her grandmother had in that modest closet.

Urban Thrift ETSY site, and also a stellar booth at VAMP.  Come see what this Urbanite has found!




Photo Booths…they’re so fun, yeah? Pictures with your friends, some fun lighting…but on Saturday at VAMP…. add vintage accessories and props, you in your vintage scores and some added Sweet Darlin’ style.

Sweet Darlin is one part sexy and one part sweet. They love good lighting, vintage fashion, fabulous hair and makeup, and photographing radiant women.

{lovely Jenny of Two Tart who will be selling at VAMP! get it girl!}

Although we mainly photograph weddings and portraits, boudoir and pin up has stolen my heart and has shown us, as well as my lovely clients, a whole new side of ourselves. Confidence is sexy!


I can’t tell you how lucky we are to have Patina at VAMP.  The head buyer, Shannon is a well seasoned vintage aficionado and has been collecting and searching for superior vintage clothing for years.  She is also the brains behind I.C.E. festival(The Indie Craft Experience)!!

As a self proclaimed thrift store junkie, she cannot pass up a good vintage find. Color, Shapes, details always catches Shannon’s eye.

Behold some steller finds:

"Vintage is a huge inspiration in my personal life and art.  I love the idea of finding little gems that represent a specific point in history." - Shannon of PATINA

Expect to see at VAMP from Patina some beautiful party dress, sassy skirts and fun accessories to add something special to your Fall wardrobe.